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Doctor Recommended!


I wanted to thank you f
or your wonderful product. Not only does it do a fine job of keeping the color of the tattoo fresh and vibrant but it also heals the skin under the tattoo. Many people are unaware that a tattoo can be a health hazard. Tat Jam helps to eliminate that hazard.

I am always looking for natural products that work. Yours is 100% natural and organic. I know there will be no toxic side effects from using Tat Jam so I recommend it freely.

Thank you for turning me on to Tat Jam and all your other wonderful products.

Scott Stratton, DC
Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center
Frankfort, IL

Tattoo by Henry Coronilla from Ink City Tattoos in Stockton, CA

One of the letters we received...

Wow! TatJam is the most amazing product on the market for tattoo aftercare. My husband and I recently tried tatjam for the first time and couldn't believe how well it works. It made the worst part of getting a tattoo (scabbing and peeling) a breeze. A thin layer applied directly to the tattoo lasted a long time and helped prevent the uncomfortable dryness and itching associated with the healing process. We've tried just about every product on the market and Tatjam is by far the best. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Thanks for making such an unbelievable product!
Jeff and Shelley Minard

(Pictures of tattoos healed with Tat Jam, Ink by Drew at Bluebird Tattoo in Portage, IN)